On the Ground: Your Pittsburgh Marathon Neighborhood Correspondents


This year, I’ve had the awesome opportunity to be a neighborhood correspondent for the Dick’s Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon.  Not only has this given me a chance to see the other side of a running event that’s become a staple of my year, it’s also introduced me to some of the best bloggers in the city. We are a fledgling blog here at Rise and Tide, and have taken a lot of inspiration and notes from bloggers such as these. We are honored to participate in this project with them.

We’ll be running and participating on Race Day, corresponding as best we can from the runner’s perspective. But check out the other amazing bloggers who will be stationed around the city doing what they do. These people not only know Pittsburgh; they ARE Pittsburgh.

They do great work year-round, and I’m stoked to see their coverage of the race that covers our city of bridges:

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