Living without money

A few years ago, Mark Boyle read the famous Ghandi quote –  be the change you wish to see in the world. So he decided to give up money — of which he had plenty. That translated into changing his lifestyle drastically — feeding himself with foraged or wasted food, cooking outside rain or shine, living without electricity in an old van and brushing his teeth with things like cuttlefish bone and fennel seeds. He’s written a book, called The Moneyless Manfiesto. He recently did an interview on “Wild Economics”, with Permaculture magazine. Here are some of his thoughts, from … Continue reading Living without money

A look at the Nature Conservancy prez

Last month, Outside Magazine interviewed Mark Tercek — president and CEO of eco-activism group The Nature Conservancy. Tercek came to the Conservancy via Goldman Sachs, where he was a managing director and investment banker. Per his biography on the Conservancy’s website, Tercek believes in “natural capital” — or “valuing nature for its own sake as well as for the services it provides for people, such as clean air and water, productive soils and a stable climate.”  His book — Nature’s Fortune: How Business and Society Thrive Investing in Nature — is due out April 9. Continue reading A look at the Nature Conservancy prez