The Weekly Boat: Baltimore

Ellis Island is the country’s most popular point of entry for immigrants. You know what’s the second point? Baltimore. As one of the country’s major seaports, more than 30 million tons of cargo pass through its waterways annually. The Harbor shifted into a cultural and tourist destination in the 1970’s, and according to Visit Baltimore,…

The Weekly Boat: Monterosso Al Mare, Italy

Tucked along the coast of northern Italy, in the La Spezia region, is the seaside village of Monterosso Al Mare.  Daily, you can watch tourists wander into the town from the nearby Cinque Terre trail system. You can also watch a steady stream of touring, fishing and sail boats on the Liguarian Sea.

The Weekly Boat: St. Petersburg, Fla.

  We know this photo is blurry. But I can’t help but feel it captures how that darkened row of boats felt as they came to rest in their docks at sunset.

The Weekly Boat: Irondequoit, NY

It’s Tuesday, which means, it’s time for the Weekly Boat. An given the weather, let’s spice it up — literally. We give you…the Paprika!