Living without money

A few years ago, Mark Boyle read the famous Ghandi quote –  be the change you wish to see in the world. So he decided to give up money — of which he had plenty. That translated into changing his lifestyle drastically — feeding himself with foraged or wasted food, cooking outside rain or shine, living without electricity in an old van and brushing his teeth with things like cuttlefish bone and fennel seeds. He’s written a book, called The Moneyless Manfiesto. He recently did an interview on “Wild Economics”, with Permaculture magazine. Here are some of his thoughts, from … Continue reading Living without money


Photographer, multimedia producer and artist Jimmy Chin has been working on a video project with Camp4 Collective, entitled Pause. In this post — How a 60 Second Video Can Change Your Day — Chin talks about the concept, which he describes it as “bite-sized visual poetry, something easily digestible.” Above is Pause #1, but there are many more on the website. Continue reading Pause

A Monday Moment: The obituary of Mary A. Pink Mullaney

  At a previous newspaper, part of my duties as a General Assignment Reporter was to work the obituary desk — editing and writing obituaries from funeral homes to family members to close family friends. It was a job I had a reverence for: as my editor said,  there are two times someone gets in the newspaper: when they’re born, and when they die. All obituaries, even the formulaic ones that state so-and-so died this day and the funeral is this day, have the footprints of someone, even in their simplest form. And that makes them, to me, all special. … Continue reading A Monday Moment: The obituary of Mary A. Pink Mullaney