Brothers of Climbing

“If you don’t see any black people or any people of color climbing…you’re not going to think you can do it.”

The beauty of particle storms

Satellites the size of toaster ovens. Ridesharing in Space. Particle storms. Eruptions. All in one new NASA mission!

Toddlers and Climbing Gyms

Just because my kid likes to climb on things at home does not mean that he will like or want to do those things in an actual climbing setting, like a rock gym.

Relentless Forward Progress.

Relentless forward progress. That phrase burned itself into my mind, and I’ve called on it hundreds of times when it – whatever “it” is – gets to me.

The Weekend: Get ready

  “Keep close to nature’s heart & break clear once in awhile,climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean -” -John Muir  

Living without money

“I’ve found that friendship, not money, is real security. That most western poverty is spiritual. And that independence is really interdependence.”


Nosh on some “bite-sized visual poetry” from acclaimed multimedia producer Jimmy Chin

A Monday Moment: The obituary of Mary A. Pink Mullaney

  At a previous newspaper, part of my duties as a General Assignment Reporter was to work the obituary desk — editing and writing obituaries from funeral homes to family members to close family friends. It was a job I had a reverence for: as my editor said,  there are two times someone gets in…

Tuesday Inspiration

Local riders teaming with the Forest Service have created a network of trails designed and built specifically for riding. We explored both sides of the pass…