Photographer, multimedia producer and artist Jimmy Chin has been working on a video project with Camp4 Collective, entitled Pause. In this post — How a 60 Second Video Can Change Your Day — Chin talks about the concept, which he describes it as “bite-sized visual poetry, something easily digestible.” Above is Pause #1, but there are many more on the website. Continue reading Pause

Summer bounty

It’s Farmers’ Market season in Pittsburgh; from May to November local farmers set up their tables at stands across the city and sell their bounty to their neighbors. I’m fortunate to live near one, and work near another. The above bounty is courtesy of Edible Earth Farm and CSA, based in Tionesta. It’s certified organic, and the owners are extremely nice, and knowledgeable about their vegetables.  I came for the heirloom tomatoes and walked away with $15 of other stuff. Normally when that happens in Target (I know you all have walked in there for deodorant and walked out with a … Continue reading Summer bounty

Lake Superior, from Space

  Picture it: the International Space Station, where astronauts frequently observe atmospheric and surface phenomena in ways that are impossible to see from our vantage point on the ground. In the above photograph of northeastern Lake Superior, astronauts documented two of those phenomena—gravity waves and sunglint. From NASA, who posted the photo: At the top of the image, the Canadian Shield of southern Ontario is covered by an extensive forest canopy typical of early summer. Offshore and to the west and southwest of Pukaskwa National Park, several distinct sets of parallel cloud bands are visible. Gravity waves are produced when … Continue reading Lake Superior, from Space