Nosh on some “bite-sized visual poetry” from acclaimed multimedia producer Jimmy Chin


  From Evosia Studios. “Alchemy is a short film about transformation. In nature, everything is constantly changing: the earth, the sky, the stars, and all living things. Spring is followed by summer, fall and winter. Water turns into clouds, rain and ice. Over time, rivers are created, canyons carved, and mountains formed. All of these…

“A Single Picture Is Enough”

A video about photographer and videographer Tim Kemple, who describes his work this way in the film: “I’ve never been one for souvenirs. A single picture is enough.”  

“Why I shoot lights at night” AKA When Nature Has Other Plans

This fantastically shot, and endearing, video is by London-based filmographer and photographer Toby Lockerbie.  Once year, Lockerbie goes away to shoot something of his choosing. His last trip was to Northern Norway. But despite promises of “clear skies” to shoot Norway’s majestic landscapes and Northern Lights,  nature, for the most part, had other plans. In…