Photographer, multimedia producer and artist Jimmy Chin has been working on a video project with Camp4 Collective, entitled Pause. In this post — How a 60 Second Video Can Change Your Day — Chin talks about the concept, which he describes it as “bite-sized visual poetry, something easily digestible.” Above is Pause #1, but there are many more on the website. Continue reading Pause

A bad day to be a salmon #salmonwatch

I have never been one to find bears “cute.” Maybe this is because my plush stuffed animals of choice as a child were a dinosaur, a panda wearing a panda onesie (at my own doing) and a clown (adorable, not scary) aptly name Clownie, I never appreciated the assorted styles of teddy bears that my playmates enjoyed cuddling or playing with in assorted scenarios with their Barbies. They’d go to the zoo and oggle over the bears putzing around their habitats and I’d be drawn to the cute, cuddly…aquatic animals. (PUFFINS) Maybe this is partially responsible for why I find … Continue reading A bad day to be a salmon #salmonwatch

TEDtalk: How Behavioral Science Can Lower Your Energy Bill

In this February TED talk, Alex Laskey, founder and president of Opower, talks about using psychology to help energy customers lower their costs. The method isn’t what you think. Laskey notes  an experiment asking residents to turn off their air conditioning to save energy. Residents received one of four messages about the request, from saving money to saving the earth. And the one they responded to, Laskey notes, is this:   “when surveyed 77% of your neighbors said that they turn off their air conditioning and fans and fans.” “If something is inconvenient — even if we believe in it — … Continue reading TEDtalk: How Behavioral Science Can Lower Your Energy Bill

Timelapse: BikePGH’s bike valet

  The 10-day Dollar Bank Three Rivers Arts Festival just wrapped up in Pittsburgh. And while it was an excellent festival for art and music lovers (Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros played!), there was plenty of love for life on two wheels as well. First, cyclists could take advantage of the I ❤ My Bike program in which BikePGH staff took photos of cyclists with their bikes, then entered identifying information, serial number and description in a private database. On it’s first use, the program helped recover a stolen bike within one hour! BikePGH also ran a free bike … Continue reading Timelapse: BikePGH’s bike valet