Yosemite Fire Time Lapse

Time-lapse photography shows various perspectives of the 2013 Rim Fire, as viewed from Yosemite National Park.

A Monday Moment

Whose unhappy with being back at work today? Here’s a gorgeous photo to take the edge off — or give you some inspiration to plan your next outdoor adventure. Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah is known for what the National Park Service calls its “hoodoo-iferous” terrain, which is evidenced above. Part rock pillar from erosion….

Land-use adaptation

Zion National Park is one of those rare, and magical, geological spots.  When animals like the mammoth, giant sloth and camel died off because of climate change and overhunting 8,000 years ago, inhabitants were able to rely on the resources of the land and adapt their lifestyle, despite being in the desert. According to the…

Spring: A time to (cherry) blossom

Each Spring, Washington, D.C. is wrapped in the lush pink glory that comes courtesy of the cherry blossoms in the area. This weekend, April 8, is the National Cherry Blossom Festival. It’s worth a trip if you can make it. The trees are at their most glorious when they are in bloom. Can’t make the…

In the Pursuit of…Managed flames

Each year the Prescribed Fire Division of Big Cypress National Preserve attempts to burn more that 50,000 acres in a safe and managed way. From the Park’s Division webpage: “Natural fire, prescribed fire, hazard fuel reduction, and fire effects monitoring help restore natural processes, while providing for firefighter and public safety.”

Bison, at Dragon’s Mouth

  The National Park Service published this fantastic photo today of bison  trying to feed at Dragon’s Mouth Spring in Yellowstone.

Glacial goodness

The Department of Interior tweeted this photo today. Take it in. Then get outside.

Sequestration and the environment/outdoors

We’ve written before about potential budget cuts to the National Park Service and what it might do to your favorite parks as a result of sequestration — or mandatory, across-the-board federal budget cuts on domestic and defense budgets unless federal lawmakers come to a deal by tomorrow Friday, March 1. Estimates coming out today indicate…

National Park Service considering cuts

It’s federal budget season, and there’s some alarm around how the National Park Service might fare. According to TIME, the Associated Press has obtained an NPS memo that details potential cuts. As the article points out: “While not all 398 parks had submitted plans by the time the memo was written, a pattern of deep…