Toddlers and Climbing Gyms

Just because my kid likes to climb on things at home does not mean that he will like or want to do those things in an actual climbing setting, like a rock gym.

George Lowe, Everest Pioneer

George Lowe — a member of the first team to reach the top of Mount Everest — has died.  He was 89. New Zealand-born Lowe had been responsible for the final leg of the expedition which led to the  Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay reaching the peak of the world’s highest mountain on May…

More women who rock, literally

  In an ongoing tribute to National Women’s Day, here’s a documentary preview on American journalist Elizabeth Hawley, known as the Keeper of the Mountains,  in Kathmandu, Nepal where she has recorded more than 80,000 Himalayan expedition ascents in her Himalayan Database.

Sports books — A list from Men’s Health

Men’s Health has posted a list of the “top cult sports books”. The list covers the gamut, from obvious choices in running and climbing, to less-than obvious topics in weightlifting and surfing.

Sierra Club publishes all-wind issue

The Sierra Club’s magazine, Sierra, has published its first-ever all-wind issue. Here’s the table of contents for the March/April issue. Of particular interest — this article on mountaineers who work for corporations maintaining wind turbines by Andy Isaacson. Read away!