This is a great piece from Noble County Gold. And so very true and powerful. Take note.


mikerowetestifyingThe below is the transcript from Mike Rowe’s testimonybefore the U.S Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation from May 11, 2011.  While is has been posted many times and is almost 2 years old, I always take the time to reread it every so often.  It reminds me of my grandfather, his generation, as well as my father-in-law. The men and women who worked hard to make this country what is today.  It also grounds me and forces me to think about what I would be doing for a career if I was not in the rag business.

I question if I would be able to make it in a skilled trade role because I truly believe that type of skill and understanding is far more superior than picking the right apparel trend, owning the right inventory or pricing your goods competitively.  I am not a life coach…

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