“Tossed salad” of Dino parts

Passport in Time volunteer Frances Mayse measures a nearly eight-foot-long shoulder blade of an Apatosaurus near the Last Chance quarry in May 2008 (U.S. Forest Service photo)


The scene: Comanche National Grassland.

The find: Dinosaur bones. A “tossed salad” of parts, as noted on the USDA Forest Service’s blog recap of the plethora of bones being found in the quarry in the Colorado park.

Truthfully (and, albeit selfishly), when I’ve visited state and national parks, I’ve only ever thought about what’s right in front of me in that moment — “where does this trail go” or often more importantly,  “where can I grill some hotdogs” — and not what’s been in their past. But many a National Park are the former stomping grounds of dinos, including, most obviously, Dinosaur National Park.  Here’s a list from the Great Outdoors Recreation Pages on the “10 Best Parks for Fossils and Dinosaurs.” Happy (fossil) hunting.




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