More women who rock, literally

  In an ongoing tribute to National Women’s Day, here’s a documentary preview on American journalist Elizabeth Hawley, known as the Keeper of the Mountains,  in Kathmandu, Nepal where she has recorded more than 80,000 Himalayan expedition ascents in her Himalayan Database.

“You don’t need anything to be happy.”

Meet Richard Roberts. He’s a piano tuner in England (though currently in Argentina. You can follow him via his blog.) Buried in a mountain of student debt and surrounded by electronics and possessions he was too busy to use, he decided to give up most of his stuff and live outside, while traveling around as…

“Why I shoot lights at night” AKA When Nature Has Other Plans

This fantastically shot, and endearing, video is by London-based filmographer and photographer Toby Lockerbie.  Once year, Lockerbie goes away to shoot something of his choosing. His last trip was to Northern Norway. But despite promises of “clear skies” to shoot Norway’s majestic landscapes and Northern Lights,  nature, for the most part, had other plans. In…

Iceland: 25 Landscapes

This 2012 video by production unit Factoria shows some awe-inspiring scenes from Iceland. Enjoy.