Lake Superior, from Space

  Picture it: the International Space Station, where astronauts frequently observe atmospheric and surface phenomena in ways that are impossible to see from our vantage point on the ground. In the above photograph of northeastern Lake Superior, astronauts documented two of those phenomena—gravity waves and sunglint. From NASA, who posted the photo: At the top of the image, the Canadian Shield of southern Ontario is covered by an extensive forest canopy typical of early summer. Offshore and to the west and southwest of Pukaskwa National Park, several distinct sets of parallel cloud bands are visible. Gravity waves are produced when … Continue reading Lake Superior, from Space

Salmon Watch

Thanks to the U.S. Forest Service, you can watch Sockeye Salmon in Steep Creek, Juneau, Alaska, via an underwater camera. From the Anchorage Daily News: The cam is nearing its peak of the season, with sockeye salmon arriving in large numbers in the middle of July, said U.S. Forest Service fisheries biologist Pete Schneider. “We’re just getting to the prime time,” he said Continue reading Salmon Watch

The Mayor of New York Wants You To Take the Stairs

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg issued an executive order yesterday asking agencies to encourage employees to use the stairs  and “smart design strategies” for new construction and renovations.  He’s also proposing the improvement of stair accessibility and visibility. From the New York Times dispatch yesterday: “I’m not here to tell you how to live,” Mr. Bloomberg said at a news conference, adding that New Yorkers live close to three years more than the national average and three years longer than they did a dozen years ago. “But we must be doing something right. The effort to bring attention back … Continue reading The Mayor of New York Wants You To Take the Stairs

Allegheny County Trail Fest

Dig singletrack trails? Want to explore what Allegheny County Parks has to offer? Then check out Pittsburgh Trails Advocacy Group (PTAG) annual celebration, formerly known as the Mountain Bike Festival. Activities include hiking, trail running and mountain bike rides led by PTAG and Pittsburgh Off-Road Cyclists (PORC) members. Here’s the full schedule from PTAG’s website: Hartwood Acres Park: Friday, July 12, 2013 Parking at Middle Road Lot (between the concert stage and school) Rides, Run & Hike start at 6:00pm Boyce Park: Saturday, July 13, 2013 Soccer Field Registration opens at 9:30am Rides, Runs & Hikes leave at 10:00am & … Continue reading Allegheny County Trail Fest

Pittsburgh Cycling Memorabilia Collection

      As BikePGH noted on their blog today, the  Chrome Industries RV will be at the The Wheelmill tonight collect memorabilia for consideration for the Urban Cycling Hall of Fame. The content will later be revealed in Las Vegas at the Interbike trade show. The UCHOF will be at the Wheelmill from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. tonight. From BikePGH: Bring out your old spokecards from Burgh Burners past, t-shirts, photos, basket bike frames, Triangle Messenger jackets and Pittsburgh Mountain Exchange paperwork. If it has to do with Pittsburgh’s urban cycling history and culture, bring it out. Items for … Continue reading Pittsburgh Cycling Memorabilia Collection