The Mayor of New York Wants You To Take the Stairs

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg issued an executive order yesterday asking agencies to encourage employees to use the stairs  and “smart design strategies” for new construction and renovations.  He’s also proposing the improvement of stair accessibility and visibility. From the New York Times dispatch yesterday: “I’m not here to tell you how to live,”…

Allegheny County Trail Fest

Dig singletrack trails? Want to explore what Allegheny County Parks has to offer? Then check out Pittsburgh Trails Advocacy Group (PTAG) annual celebration, formerly known as the Mountain Bike Festival. Activities include hiking, trail running and mountain bike rides led by PTAG and Pittsburgh Off-Road Cyclists (PORC) members. Here’s the full schedule from PTAG’s website:…

Places Worth Preserving Photo Contest

National Geographic Traveler and the California winery Frei Brothers Reserve have launched a photo contest on Facebook. Photograph your favorite place in nature and submit it online here.

Pittsburgh Cycling Memorabilia Collection

      As BikePGH noted on their blog today, the  Chrome Industries RV will be at the The Wheelmill tonight collect memorabilia for consideration for the Urban Cycling Hall of Fame. The content will later be revealed in Las Vegas at the Interbike trade show. The UCHOF will be at the Wheelmill from 6 p.m….

Jimmy Chin reel

  Jimmy Chin is a venerable powerhouse in the world of outdoor sports and multimedia. He’s a photographer, director, cinematographer and all around bad-ass. He isn’t just about taking great shots, as the reel notes, he’s a hell of an athlete. His images are powerful, but so is how he makes them.

Saturday Sunset

The Great Fountain Geyser in Yellowstone National Park, from the Department of Interior.  

TEDtalk: How Behavioral Science Can Lower Your Energy Bill

In this February TED talk, Alex Laskey, founder and president of Opower, talks about using psychology to help energy customers lower their costs. The method isn’t what you think. Laskey notes  an experiment asking residents to turn off their air conditioning to save energy. Residents received one of four messages about the request, from saving…

Timelapse: BikePGH’s bike valet

  The 10-day Dollar Bank Three Rivers Arts Festival just wrapped up in Pittsburgh. And while it was an excellent festival for art and music lovers (Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros played!), there was plenty of love for life on two wheels as well. First, cyclists could take advantage of the I ❤ My…

A Monday Moment

Whose unhappy with being back at work today? Here’s a gorgeous photo to take the edge off — or give you some inspiration to plan your next outdoor adventure. Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah is known for what the National Park Service calls its “hoodoo-iferous” terrain, which is evidenced above. Part rock pillar from erosion….