A reluctant enthusiast

A few weeks ago, I checked out a copy of “Eaarth,”  (yes that’s the correct spelling) by Bill McKibben, from the Library.  I stopped reading it three chapters in. As McKibben points out, rightfully, statistics are pretty dire for this ol’ earth of ours. As his book descriptor reveals: “…we need to acknowledge that we’ve waited too long, and that massive change is not only unavoidable but already under way. Our old familiar globe is suddenly melting, drying, acidifying, flooding, and burning in ways that no human has ever seen. We’ve created, in very short order, a new planet, still … Continue reading A reluctant enthusiast

Global warming, or, “holy crap”

  Mother Jones has obtained a copy of the draft  Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change‘s 2013 Summary for Policymakers report, and is highlighting five of the most “holy crap” moments from it. While Mother Jones notes that its 95 percent certain humans are behind much of the global warming experienced in the last 60 years (file under “no shit”), the document, as Mother Jones reports, “says, very bluntly, just how bad global warming is going to be. It gives a sense of irreversibility, of scale…and, of direness.” You can read their summary here. It’s worth a look. Meanwhile, earlier this … Continue reading Global warming, or, “holy crap”

The air out there: How Utah is dealing with winter air pollution

Winter pollution in the Wasatch Front — an area of north central Utah — has some of the worst air quality in the country. It’s baffling in a way, since the area is a hub of outdoor splendor. In February, the New York Times explored the issue: For the last few years, the area has been grappling with one of the nation’s most vexing pollution problems, where atmospheric inversions during the winter months lead to a thick fog of dirty air cloaking the region. … According to [Utah’s Division of Air Quality] , Salt Lake County has experienced 22 days this … Continue reading The air out there: How Utah is dealing with winter air pollution

Summer bounty

It’s Farmers’ Market season in Pittsburgh; from May to November local farmers set up their tables at stands across the city and sell their bounty to their neighbors. I’m fortunate to live near one, and work near another. The above bounty is courtesy of Edible Earth Farm and CSA, based in Tionesta. It’s certified organic, and the owners are extremely nice, and knowledgeable about their vegetables.  I came for the heirloom tomatoes and walked away with $15 of other stuff. Normally when that happens in Target (I know you all have walked in there for deodorant and walked out with a … Continue reading Summer bounty

There’s more to Shark Week then megalodon

As users of every social media outlet, like Twitter, likely know, it’s Shark Week on Discovery Channel. Sharks are having a bit of a moment right now, thanks to SyFy channel’s made-for-TV movie  Sharknado, about a waterspout that carries sharks out of the ocean and into LA where they eat people and are fended off by chainsaw-wielding citizens. National Geographic, meanwhile, compiled this list, of “Top Ten Stories About Sharks Since Last Shark Week.” It includes lots of neat tid-bits and an “overview of what we have learned about these majestic citizens of the sea in the past year.” It … Continue reading There’s more to Shark Week then megalodon

A bad day to be a salmon #salmonwatch

I have never been one to find bears “cute.” Maybe this is because my plush stuffed animals of choice as a child were a dinosaur, a panda wearing a panda onesie (at my own doing) and a clown (adorable, not scary) aptly name Clownie, I never appreciated the assorted styles of teddy bears that my playmates enjoyed cuddling or playing with in assorted scenarios with their Barbies. They’d go to the zoo and oggle over the bears putzing around their habitats and I’d be drawn to the cute, cuddly…aquatic animals. (PUFFINS) Maybe this is partially responsible for why I find … Continue reading A bad day to be a salmon #salmonwatch