“And we’re going to save the planet by conserving one hour of energy? Enough with the hypocrisy. We talk about Earth Hour as if it were some great sacrifice. If people really cared about the planet, they would ask for permanent changes in the way our society operates.”

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George Lowe, Everest Pioneer

George Lowe — a member of the first team to reach the top of Mount Everest — has died.  He was 89. New Zealand-born Lowe had been responsible for the final leg of the expedition which led to the  Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay reaching the peak of the world’s highest mountain on May…

Roads were not built for cars

Check out this Kickstarter campaign from Carlton Reid — the book, Roads Were Not Built for Cars due out in print, Kindle and iPad in Summer 2013. From the campaign: “Cyclists were written out of highway history in the 1920s and 1930s by the all-powerful motor lobby: Roads Were Not Built For Cars tells the real story, putting cyclists centre…

What a wily lynx

Spotted this on the Banff Centre’s Facebook page. One of the center’s wildlife specialists — Parks Canada — caught this great footage of lynx activity in Deer Lodge at Banff National Park.

Swim 1000

Dave Cornthwaite is a British adventurer. In 2005, he gave up a graphic design job and took on the world of adventure, completing expeditions of 1000-miles at a time. His latest — this film, a 1000-mile swim down the Lower Missouri.