Bikes and Biscotti

Photo by Lauren Daley
Photo by Lauren Daley

Pittsburgh’s Strip District is a must-visit destination for any visitor and resident of Western Pennsylvania. My favorite time to visit is early in the mornings, as the shops and vendors set up for the day, watching the neighborhood come alive as people flow onto Penn Avenue and Smallman Street to get coffee and baked goods and veggies and just about everything else that the neighborhood is known for (We here at Rise and Tide always make a point to hit East End Brewing Company, Om Nom Bake Studio and just about every single thing in Pittsburgh Public Market).

The best way to start the Strip District experience, in my humble opinion, is with a piece (or two or um, three-to-seven) of biscotti from Enrico’s. The scents of anise and hazelnut coax you in from the sidewalk, through their screened wooden doors which always seem to be open despite the bitter temperature outside.

I typically make my Enrico run on Tuesdays, where this bike is always parked out front. What could be better than bikes and biscotti on a Tuesday after all?

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  1. naimavanswol says:

    I love the Strip! I don’t get there as often as I’d like. And I’ve always wanted to try riding my bike from my house in Morningside through Lawrenceville to the Strip. It means like a good ride. Great blog!

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