Kickstarter: Mobile surfboard-building classroom

Photo by Grain Surfboards
Photo by Grain Surfboards

The good folks at Maine-based Grain Surfboards  want to help surfers learn how to build their own boards and experience the power of the process.  So they’ve launched this Kickstarter campaign. They already have a truck, spent 5 years fixing up the engine. They’re trying to now raise $38,500 to outfit the truck, fill it with tools and take it across the country. From their Kickstarter page:

“We asked ourselves “how can we share the rewards and the fun and the ethos of what we do with more people – especially young people?”  Well, mile-for-mile, there are more surfers on the west coast than anywhere else in the US. What we need is a full, mobile classroom that will remove most of the logistical obstacles that prevent us from connecting with more of you.

So our plan is this: with your help, we’ll get a truck we can sleep in, and a utility trailer large enough to fit piles of tools, shaping stands, and gear, and we’ll hit the road out west. Your funding assistance will also help outfit this rig – for instance, we’ll need some mobile shop-tools, and other stuff classes require. If things work out, we’ll set this up to burn alternative fuels as well.

Then, we’ll run classes right out of the back. We’ll stop at beach parking lots up and down the PCH (and beyond) where we’ll break out a stand and have impromptu board building in the bright sunshine, sharing what we know with whoever comes by.”

The video is pretty rad. Check it out. And consider helping these guys out. Building your own board, or anything, gives you a lot more than the finished product you hold in your hands.

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