“You don’t need anything to be happy.”

Meet Richard Roberts. He’s a piano tuner in England (though currently in Argentina. You can follow him via his blog.) Buried in a mountain of student debt and surrounded by electronics and possessions he was too busy to use, he decided to give up most of his stuff and live outside, while traveling around as a piano tuner.

Here’s why this guy is awesome. From his blog:

“Since early 2011 I’ve been conducting an interesting lifestyle experiment: I live outdoors. This means that I just go to sleep wherever I happen to be at the end of the day, and involves sleeping ‘rough’ by default but occasionally staying over with friends or family. I’m doing this for practical, environmental and economical reasons and I’m thoroughly enjoying it . … Please note that I do shower everyday, I don’t have any dogs, I don’t smoke, and I’m not addicted to anything except English breakfast tea and my mum’s home-made fruitcake.”

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