Wend’s Eulogy

Sometime last year, adventure journal magazine Wend Magazine ceased publishing its quarterly print edition. Wend


I just discovered Wend’s website this year, and wasn’t privy, nor followed in real-time, what went down. There’s not much content on the site that’s after the summer of 2012.

But on a happenstance visit this morning, noticed a  short blog dated today, March 5, by writer Derek Pettie, that boils down to this line: “At this point all I can say is stay tuned for what’s next.”

Pettie links to this article on World Hum by Brian Kevin, an illustrious outdoors writer and two-time contributor to Wend, that offers a nice obit on the magazine, as well as some thoughts as to what’s happening to travel writing and magazines overall.  It’s a great post, and I encourage anyone who cares about this genre to read it. And per Pettie’s instructions, stay tuned.




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