Snow sports

When it comes to braving the elements, generally speaking, I’m a wuss. I hate being cold. So you can imagine my dismay when the triathlon cub that I’m a member of shared this photo of a triathlon club in Alaska kicking ass at their winter spinning workout.



Later in the day, I came across this story on ice fishing in the Rochester City Newspaper. From writer Kathy Laluk:

Rochester is obviously known for its icy cold winters. But few would guess that, according to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, the Greater Rochester area is home to roughly 2000 sportsmen willing to trek out on frozen ponds, cut through the surface ice, and try to catch a fish on just about any pond or body of water that freezes over between December and March.

It’s true. We visit Rochester several times a season and it’s freaking cold. So hat’s off, or rather, on, to the folks who get out there anyway.

Photo by Kathy Laluk
Photo by Kathy Laluk

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