On this day, 208 years ago

On Feb. 25, 1805, this is what explorers Lewis and Clark were up to, per their journal entry:

[Capt. William Clark]

25th of February Monday 1805

we fixed a Windlass and Drew up the two Perogues on the upper bank and attempted the Boat, but the Roap which we hade made of Elk Skins proved too weak & broke Several times night Comeing on obliged us to leave her in a Situation but little advanced—    we were Visited by the Black mockerson Chief of the little Village of Big Bellies, the Cheif of the Shoe Inds and a number of others    those Chiefs gave us Some meat which they packed on their wives, and one requested a ax to be made for hies Sun, Mr.  [1] Bunch, one of the under traders for the hudsons Bay Companey—    one of the Big Bellies asked leave for himself & his two wives to Stay all night, which was granted, also two Boys Stayed all night, one the Sun of the Black Cat.

The Day has been exceedingly pleasent

[John Ordway]

Monday 25th Feby. 1805.    all hands employed fixing the road and gitting rollers.    brought up the peaces for the windless and all things Got ready to hall up the pearogues on the high bank.    in the afternoon we halled up the 2 perogues without any difficulty.    one of them we halled up without the help of the windless.    we then made an attempt at the Barge but our Rope which was made of elk Skin broke Several times.    we mended it    Got hir cleverly Started.    night came on and obledgd. us to leave hir laying on the Skids.—

[Joseph Whitehouse]

Monday febry 25th    This day was Clear & pleasant.    the Men were still employ’d at fixing the boat & Pettyaugers, which they compleated

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