Cool shit at work: Jupiter Edition

NASA today announced instruments and hardware that will be taken on a 2022 European Mission to Jupiter.

Per the press release, eleven instrument suites will be developed by scientists from across the world through national funding in said countries.

Credits: ESA/AOES
Credits: ESA/AOES

NASA’s contribution will be one instrument and hardware to fly on ESA’s Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer (JUICE) mission. In JUICE, a solar-powered spacecraft will orbit Jupiter for three years and travel its ocean-bearing moons. “By studying the Jupiter system,” the press release asserts, “JUICE will look to learn more about the formation and evolution of potentially habitable worlds in our solar system and beyond.”

So, imagine THAT’S your job. You’d need some heavy-duty tools at work, right? Here’s what’s on the instrument list:

— Ultraviolet Spectrometer
— Radar for Icy Moon Exploration
— Particle Environment Package

Considering the most complex instrument I use at work is a copy/fax combo machine, this is pretty cool.

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